Convection Oven (Gas & Electric)

1) Outside & inside all on1.2mm #201 stainless steel.
2) Thickness of polyurethane: 80mm.
3) Digital display thermostat.
4) With perfect heating.
5) Automatic flame extingushing saety valves,incase of failure igniting (for gas oven).
6) High buring ration (for gas oven).
7) High temperature resistance motor from Taiwan is more durable than common motor.
8) Strengthen the row of skeleton strengthern and make it easy to disassemble & cleaning.
9) Capacity: 10 tray of 400x600mm, or 20 trays of 254x400mm

Convection Oven
Power & VoltageSize (mm)Weight (kg)
GAS 10GSingle Phase 240v
ELECTRIC 10EL3 phase 415, 16.5kw900*1250*1120260

**Customer required to supply 3 phase MCB, 30 Amp, ** with 6mm cable before convection oven arrive at customer place. 32 Amp Isolator

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