Junior Cookies Depositor

Junior Cookies Depositor – Model: JCD-16


  • suitable for small industry /cookies maker 
  • tray size: 400mmW x 600mmL x 10mm H
  • *Capacity: approx. 35 kg/hr.
  • *5040 pcs cookies per hour (84 pcs per tray)
  • Uses : Electricity 0.75kw, single phase
  • Air Compressor 2hp single phase (separate purchase) 
  • Continually running by insert tray by tray.

Selling point: Cheap & Economical, Reduce Manpower, 1-5 product 


cookies round drop










Long Cookies (drop+pull long)

Dahlia Drop
Groove pull + drop cookies
Chocolate chip cookies (drop)


Junior Cookies Wirecut Depositor – Cutting Function



Awaken Cookies Wirecut Depositor model JCWD-16, product of Yesotech Sdn Bhd, we design depositor to provide the needs of  bakers  to produce cookies with high capacity by reducing relying on manpower.

  • This is economical & continuous running Junior Cookies Wirecut Depositor.
  • Its control system using PLC programming.
  • It can do cookies cutting function control by pneumatic cylinder.
  • 7pcs in a row.
  • Body of machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Suitable for baking tray size 400mm x 600mm width tray.
  • Automatic perforate belt conveyor forward function.
  • Speed: 30 second / tray
  • Approx. 9240 pcs cookies / hour.
  • 55kg – 92kg / hour dough.

*Air Compressor requirement 2hp (to quote separately)



Voltage        : Single phase

Power          : 230VAC, 0.75kw

Capacity      : approx. 35kg/h – 40kg/h

Weight        : 100 KG

Size             : 1200 x 1000W x 1300H(mm)

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