Awaken Pineapple Roll Tart Machine is the product of
Yesotech Shd. Bhd. We provide the needs of bakers to
produce roll tart to reduce relying on manpower. This is
economical and semi-auto model specially designed for
small medium bakers.

• 6 nozzle to deposit the dough
• 6 row at a time
• Many nozzle designs for selection
• Suitable for tray width 254mm/10 inches
• Motorized perforated belt to move the tray
• Speed can be adjustable to suit baker’s needs
• Simple and easy to use
• Economic and affordable

Voltage : Single phase
Power : 230VAC, 1.0kW
Weight : 110 KG
Size :1530L x 680W x 1255H(mm)