Awaken Cake Batter Depositor (AW/CBD)

Awaken Batter (Cake) Depositor is the product of Yesotech Sdn Bhd, our depositor can provide the needs of bakers to produce cake/macaroon/muffin with high capacity by reducing relying on manpower.

  • This is an automatic and easy operation Batter Depositor.
  • Ideal for the making of banana cake, cup cake,chiffon/sponge cake, muffin, layer cake, swiss roll and batter filling, snacks and macaroon.
  • Its control system using PLC, Servo Drives & motors and 7” Color Touch screen.
  • Memories & storing up to 99 program/ patterns of products.
  • Deposits measured batter directly into baking tins or cup tray.
  • Easy to handle and ensures no waste or spill over of batter.
  • Body of machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Our Unique feature: Easy to wash – only 4 screws to dismantle. One operator mode & Two operator mode is available for selection

Voltage : Single phase
Power 230VAC, 1.5kW
Capacity : 60 L/hr – 100 L/hr
Hopper capacity : 65 L
Weight : 250 KG
Machine Size : 1300mm (L) x 1050mm (W) x 1450mm (H)

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