Awaken 3 Hopper Encrusting Machine is a product of Yesotech Sdn Bhd. We provide the needs of bakers to produce round cookie with jam filling and pineapple tart filling cookies to reducing relying on manpower.
Basic shape round nozzle is included one mould.
For 2 color dough & 1 paste cookies, separate mold to add on in different additional price.

➢ This machine consists of three hopper
➢ You can change different skin thickness,length and size of the food.
➢ There are optional moulds available to make different shape: ball, round strip, squarewith different types of mould & accessories.
➢ You can use this machine to produce pineapple tart, makmur, biscut dam, moon cake, mochi, etc.

Capacity 4000~6000 pcs/hour.
Product weight: 10 ~ 150gm/pc.
Power 2.5kw, 240V, 50Hz, Single phase. 
Machine size 1670*920*1790mm
Machine weight Approx.350kg 

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